Lynn Onions

lynns-work-01     lynn


The act of marking fabric with stitch is very important to Linda as she feels the marks made on to fabric with thread leave a very lasting impression. She believes the act of repetitive stitching has a therapeutic effect; it can help calm the mind and allow a person to focus.

Her recent work has been based on childhood memories, fairy tales and nursery rhymes and the reasons behind why she finds fabric and stitch so precious, she believes that fabric can evoke memories and give us comfort, physically and metaphorically.

In complete contrast is her work with wire and paper to create 3D forms that have a menacing presence. As the critic Clement Greenberg said to Sir Anthony Caro:

“If you want to change your art, change your method.”

Having worked with cloth all her life the change of material has opened up a whole new creative world for her and has really sparked her imagination. Still very much in the early stages of her creative journey she does not yet know her final destination.


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